Appdec offers all kind of professional software and database development services to a wide range of industries, business areas & institutions. Our core services are oriented on customised software development ...more

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Appdec is Software Development Company, founded in 2009 by a prominent team of experienced software engineers and successful businessmen from London. With head office in Pristina and with a branch in London, Appdec offers professional services in the field of customised software development on various platforms with a highly talented and dedicated staff, Appdec offers and delivers work of exceptional quality. Appdec so far has realised numerous enterprise projects for international and governmental institutions, including companies based both in Europe and the USA, while demonstrating success of such projects, Appdec always proves reliability and the realisation of creative potential enterprise projects, in the field of software development and IT.

  • Vision
    To help society and businesses throughout the world, by sharing knowledge, analysing, architecting, developing and delivering high quality software applications, fulfilling client requirements, on agreed timelines. Appdec aspires to have a global presents spanning all worlds trading zones within 10 years. 
  • Innovation
    Innovation requires imagination, and an ability to see a path, most wouldn't see. But it also requires initiative and drive. Appdec with passion and commitment to move from idea to reality, the possibilities are limitless. We thrive on helping our clients make their innovation reality!
  • Empowerment & Trust
    People who are empowered in their roles and valued for their expertise and contribution thrive. Appdec fosters its team member's confidence, providing access to great mentors, resources and training while instilling high standards. 
  • Teamwork
    Appdec teamwork takes the best of each one of us and boosts our individual capabilities. It means everyone puts in his/her best effort to support a shared goal. We accomplish much more together, especially in innovating with Agile and Scrum. This is Appdec for you, everything that we believe and realize! 
  • Passion
    Passion It's our fuel. It's what pushes us to make a difference. We don't want to be just any other company or even a number, Appdec a company where our passion is reflected in everything we do. 
  • Excellence
    It may be idealistic but we strive for excellence in all we do. We never stop trying to do a better job. By doing so, we improve ourselves, take real pride in our work, and deliver higher quality work for our clients. When you hear Appdec you hear excellence!