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Women in ICT sector in Kosovo by

Dren Selimi, EYE Project Officer

Women who are considering a career in ICT often lack strong female role models. According to the Skill Gap Analyses conducted by the Association of ICT companies of Kosovo (STIKK) and supported by EYE Project, only 20% of people employed in the sector are women. To help reverse this trend EYE is planning to feature women in ICT throughout

our project interventions in coming years. 

This time we are talking about Zana Tabaku, the co-owner of Appdec. Zana is 27 years old. Her interest in ICT comes from her teenage years. After having worked for Cacttus for several years, Zana and a group of young professionals decided to establish their company called Appdec (Application Development Center).

Established in 2009, Appdec ‘s initial services and products targeted the restaurants and their needs for software solutions. In the recent years, APPDEC has worked with UNDP is providing IT solutions for establishing the Labor Market Information system (LMIS). Today Appdec employs 17 people. 

Zana says that being a woman has not hindered her work and the growth of her company in any way. “Clients care about good quality of IT services” she says, “and they know that my company and I are serious partners”.

Talking about other women in ICT, Zana says she is not happy with the small numbers of women programmers and software developers. “We need more women in this sector” says Zana. “I am happy to serve as a role model, and would be happy to engage in activities of career guidance that would encourage women to consider professions in ICT”