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Lease Feet

Stakeholders and Real-estates Commercial Space System

LeaseFeet is a web based application and professional service package that helps commercial space stakeholders (landlords, brokers and tenants) resolve their real-estate needs faster and at a lower cost than other alternatives. LeaseFeet brings the traditional space advertising to the new age through 3D Architectural Plans, high end videos, 360 degree virtual tours and effective presentations via electronic brochures and dedicated webpage. LeaseFeet is a one stop shop with efficient professional service operations that produces advertising materials and eliminates the need to visit numerous spaces to find the ideal space. 

LeaseFeet helps:

  • Landlords - by providing them with a cost effective way to produce premium high tech advertising material (2D & 3D floor plans, high end videos and images, 360 degree virtual tours, brochures etc) that would cost a fortune if produced individually. LeaseFeet will strive to cut the time a space is unrented. LeaseFeet provides different analytics for landlords in order to track the success of the marketing material.
  • Tenants - by providing an easy to use platform where tenants are able to easier search and browse through available spaces by address. Tenants are able to not only see existing property plans and virtual tours, but also see potential floor plans. Seeing high end videos and 360 degree virtual tours minimises unnecessary time consuming onsite visits (with all its associated inconveniences - coordination, delay, cancelation, waiting etc).
  • Brokers - by providing a platform where they can easily promote commercial spaces to their clients. LeaseFeet saves brokers a lot of time by making it easy for their clients to virtually visit the space as well as share the space with different business decision makers.

Some of the features of LeaseFeet are:

User Roles

Leasefeet has three main user roles:

- LeaseFeetAdmin - Manages all aspects of the website. 
- SpaceAdmin - Manages Buildings and Spaces of all LandLords and is responsible for Building and Space moderation.
- LandLord - Create and manage own Buildings and Spaces. Any change by LandLord needs approval by SpaceAdmin before it is shown to public.

Complete company website

All standard information pages with possibility to add other pages, too, such as:
- Home
- About Us
- How it Works
- Testimonials
- Contacts

Rich and modern administration and management

Clean and user friendly administration interface.

Space buildings management

Buildings feature enables easy management of spaces by organizing into buildings and floors.

Complete workflow and version management

Any change to spaces or buildings is subject to moderation and a new version is created which must be approved before it is published. Versions can be viewed and restored if needed.

Dedicated space pages

Every space page consists of a:
- Space Name
- Complete Address
- Landlords Logo
- Up to 2 Virtual Tours in 3D (Existing and Potential)
- Up to 4 Floor Plans (Potential and Existing 2D & Potential and Existing 3D)
- Unlimited Images
- Up to 3 Videos
- Space Information
- Description
- 1 Brochure
- Request Information Link
- Unlimited Contacts
- Map
- Social Share Controls

Advanced search with maps

Search can be performed by Address with distance radius or by Neighborhood.
Advanced search options offer the possibility to refine the search based on many factors.
The best part is that the search is available also in the map by dragging or zooming in and out and will show spaces that are located on the visible map area, even in satellite view.

Social sharing

All spaces has share controls to share the current space page in social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but also allows mailing the link directly without even leaving the page.
This feature is available also in the search results without even opening a space page.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

An excellent feature is Analytics and Reporting. All space clicks are tracked by the system. Space Analytics shows charts and the number of clicks of any space element.

Fast and Secure

Leasefeet implements best practices and standards to perform fast and securely.