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Performance Management Framework


Employment Management Information System (EMIS) is an existing system used by Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW) for the registration of job seekers and employment management. This system enables the registration of job seekers according to different criteria, changing the status of the job, training and registration of trainees, employers’ registration, job vacancy registration, job-matching between the jobseeker and potential employer, and many other functions. 
PMF - Performance Management Framework module was created within EMIS to monitor and control mechanisms in order to systematically monitor the progress made towards the achievement of agreed targets. PMF collects information from national, regional, local level of PES as well as individual/counsellor level and provides the best available point of data comparison in regards to Performance Measurement.

Key indicators in PMF are:

  • Structure of persons leaving the register for employment 
  • Structure of persons participating in ALMPs
  • Percent of jobseeker that are satisfied (and very satisfied) with the service they received from the PES 
  • Percent of employers that are satisfied (and very satisfied) with the service they received from the PES
  • The number of participants from all ALMPs (from vocational training, on the job training, internships, employment subsidies, self-employed, public works programs);
  • The number of participants receiving employment services (Job search and career counseling or interviews completed which covers both; Individual plan completion)
  • Number of vacancies registered
  • Proportion of vacancy filled
  • Employment rate of jobseekers within 6 month of after work practice and Employment rate of jobseekers within 6 months after training