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Petroleum Market Regulation Information System

PMRIS - Petroleum Market Regulation Information System is developed for Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) with the aim of digitising processes in the management of the petroleum market in the Republic of Kosovo. This system simplifies processes, reduces time, reduces errors and at any moment provides all the information about the petroleum market in the country.

PMRIS transformed manual processes into automatic, reducing thus the possibility of errors and loss of important data. In addition, it enables users to easily access relevant data and compile different needed reports.

PMRIS is a very valuable asset in accomplishing all phases of the process with higher efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, the system enables the MTI to analyse trends, inform decision making with regard to petroleum market, clients and general public on important information for both issues and renewed licenses.

The PMRIS software is established and developed in full accordance with the MTI strategy and in compliance with relevant legislation.

The PMRIS increases the accuracy when issuing licenses’, enables standardisation of licenses and monitoring and quick identification of every phase of licensing process. It contributes to effective coordination with market inspectorate, enables access to generate reports, the application request for licenses, diagrams of valid licenses and enables the department to follow the GPS coordinates of the location of facilities, provides frequent information on number of sales points in municipalities, storage capacity, emergency reserves in the entire Kosovo territory and their situation on yearly basis.

More specifically, the system supports MTI in:

  • Reducing the manual errors occurred during the issue of licenses, their standardisation, and accurate and fast follow-up;
  • Tracking locations of facilities through GPS’s coordinates, number of sales points per municipality, storage capacities, existing emergency reserves throughout the whole Kosovo territory and reflect changes on yearly basis;
  • Ensuring better coordination with Inspectorate of Trade which would increase the effectiveness on following up the utilization of valid licenses and preventing/reducing illegal cases;
  • Providing opportunity to share information with relevant investigative authorities;
  • Securing easier and more efficient internal and external auditing;
  • Notifying all parties on the license expiration date on time;
  • Ensuring follow-up of warnings issued to business subjects for fulfilling the criteria within a certain limit of time;
  • Measuring the storage capacities of operating and non operating reserves throughout the entire country;
  • Improving the existing market situation and enforcement of the law on petroleum market.

PMRIS digitalizes whole petroleum market processes, and maintains all current and historical data such as: 

  • Records of companies and their points of sale, 
  • The entire process of licenses such as
    - application submit, 
    - review by committees,
    - recommendations of the committee members, 
    - decisions and automatic license generation by the system itself, 
    - including potential complaints and their reviews, 
    - all supporting documents including direct scanning of physical documents.
    - Includes current and historical data points inspections and verification of measuring instruments. 
  • Provides advanced reports and statistics static and dynamic. 
  • Enables configuration and adjustment of the system with changes to the regulations or laws. 
  • Advanced tracking actions and historical changes