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Raiffeisen Bank Intranet

Dynamic and interactive web application integrated with Active Directory

Raiffeisen Bank Intranet

Raiffeisen Bank Intranet is web application developed and implemented by Appdec for Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo. Application is CMS (Content Management System) developed from the scratch and it contains numerous functions and modules that makes it dynamic and interactive for it’s administrators and all browsers and it’s users.

Some of the features, functions of intranet application are:

  • Integration with Active Directory, which means synchronizing with personal data of network users;
  • Generate user hierarchy mapping depending on data in Active Directory;
  • Roles and Privileges - the ability to dynamically create roles and privileges across pages and menus. The ability to associate roles with users or groups of users coming from Active Directory;
  • Menu and dynamic pages - the ability to organize their menus, pages and content dynamically;
  • Possibility of introducing content in two languages;
  • Design and 'brand' according to customer's request.

Some of the intranet modules are:

  • Personalized user profile - In addition to data from Active Directory, you can input additional data such as: picture, job assignments, education and certifications, skills, recent activities, status, etc;
  • Organizational chart - appearance of peers of the same rank in the user profile and his / her manager;
  • Peer Search - Allows colleagues to search for each other's profile
  • News / Announcements / Events - Publication of news, announcements, events and their categorization. The ability to feature separate news stories on the front page and the news archive;
  • Projects - Possibility of adding projects with relevant data and associating users in the project;
  • News/quote of the day - the possibility to add a quote of the day;
  • Lines - Linking different lenses for easier access to other applications;
  • Discussion forum - opening of topics by the administrator and possibility of discussion by each;
  • Gallery - the ability to add albums and photos, etc.