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SED (Self-Employment Development) – This software is developed for UNDP, in order to digitize the processes of managing business idea applications, give the support to applicants who want to develop their business ideas and organize the trainings and fundings for best business ideas.

Using SED software, UNDP will facilitate the work of employment offices and vocational training center’s at the local level to implement the program. 


Information in SED can goes through 7 stages which are linked and the passage is determined by some internal conditions. The evaluation panel will have their own accounts created by admin with a username and password. Below are describe each stage and how these stages are linked together.


Stage 1: Registration and Evaluation

Applicants - Registration of all candidates who are unemployed and want to create their own business.

Business Ideas - Registration of all business ideas for every registered applicant.

Evaluation – the evaluation panel is composed by four examiners which will evaluate each business idea.

Records - All applicants’ business ideas that will pass the threshold will be able to attend the training in next stage.

Stage 2: Trainings

Training stage displays the list with all applicants whose business ideas were accepted. The applicants will have to confirm that they accept to join the training at the Vocational training center. Applicants will be marked and ready for the next stage if they have attended the training.  

Stage 3: Business Plans

Applicants who attend the training will draft the business idea financial plan with detailed budget for each month as long as the project (business idea) lasts.

Stage 4: Evaluation of business plans

The evaluation panel composed by two examiners will do the detailed evaluation of all business plans.

This stage is the final decision for business ideas that will be funded for creating their businesses.

Stage 5: Businesses

After finishing the evaluation of business plans, all who were selected to be funded will open their businesses, and the new business records will be added at this stage.

Stage 6: Monitoring

While the applicants implement their business plan, official users will insert detailed records for each visit at the business, from time to time until the implementation plan is finished.

Stage 7: Utilizing Plans

In the end of the project, utilizing plan is defining all payments which have been granted to each applicant and how they used it during the months of plan implementation. For all payments the applicant has to submit the invoices or payment testimony.


Reports module

Reports that can be generated are two different types: Statistic and Administration Reports.



Administrative modules

Administrator can add/update/delete users, employment offices, banks, cycle of application, decisions records, regions, municipalities, places, professions, sector of business ideas, sectors, level of education and ethnicities.



Other features of the system:

  • Unlimited concurrent users
  • Compatible and responsive with different mobile devices
  • Displays the dashboard with graph for Applicants, Business Ideas, Businesses and Evaluations
  • Each step of stages has search field at the top of the page
  • Generable as PDF file for each step of stages

Project Details

  • Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Web Portal
  • 2015
Programming Languages
  • C#
  • T-SQL
Programming Technologies
  • MVC
Programming Tools
  • Visual Studio
  • MS SQL Server
Interface Language
  • English
Client Name
  • UNDP
Place, CityPrishtinë
  • Intranet

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