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Appdec is Software Development Company, founded in 2009 by a prominent team of experienced software engineers and successful businessmen from London. With head office in Pristina and with a branch in London, Appdec offers professional services in the field of customised software development on various platforms with a highly talented and dedicated staff, Appdec offers and delivers work of exceptional quality.


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Built for your projects, your workflows, your goals, your team.

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Software Development

Software development services can streamline your day-to-day operations into a faster and more cost effective process. We develop unique software applications to resolve your business needs. Appdec’s software development team has the capability to tackle complex business issues using a diverse range of software solutions.

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Software Testing & QA

Software Testing & Quality Assurance services have become an essential part of the success of every software project. Software with defect can result in lost clients and users, fallen business processes, revenue impacts, security breaches or regulation violation. We use our deep knowledge on technology, business and industry-specific understanding to deliver solutions that align with our client’s business contex

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Software Training

Appdec is provider of software development training in Albanian speaking population in Balkan’s region, offering Microsoft and custom courses and certifications spanning the breadth of the Microsoft’s software development life-cycle. Each of the courses is led by an experienced trainer who has been certified by Microsoft and Oracle Corporations. Trainings are software development oriented and database design and administration oriented.

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Technology Consulting

The aim of our team in software consultancy is the optimisation of resources and processes in a project lifecycle by providing deliverables

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Project Managment

Effective project management is our focus providing development of successful software solutions within agreed timelines. To develop and execute an effective project plan, we determine the exact requirements of your solution, and then create processes that will fulfill these requirements.

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Integration & Migration

When businesses/corporations grow, the processes also grow and there is an apparent need for system changes but that doesn't mean that there is a need to start everything from scratch. In most of these cases Integration processes are the best and cost-effective solutions.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Appdec provides software maintenance and support services that ensure that software application systems are up and running at optimum capacities. Appdec’s application maintenance and support services range from optimising system capabilities and adding enhancements to detecting and fixing errors and bugs.

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Creative Design

Appdec offers a range of free services, genuine established client or a seriously interested party and prospected client can get these services for free, after the appointment has been scheduled.



CBK’s Automatic Reports Generator 28 March 20190

CBK’s Automatic Reports Generator

The Automatic Report Generating Software is an advanced computer tool developed for the automatic fulfilment of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK)...
Kosovo State e-Portal 06 July 20180

Kosovo State e-Portal

State e-portal is a platform that enhances the transparency of government work towards citizens by providing various information that is useful to...
Rehabilitation & Reintegration Application 04 July 20180

Rehabilitation & Reintegration Application

Rehabilitation & Reintegration Application is an intranet web software and database developed for Kosovo Correction Service (KCS) in order to...
Milingona.al - Online Trainings in Albanian 12 June 20180

Milingona.al - Online Trainings in Albanian

Milingona is an educational platform that aims to be the leader in providing online trainings in Albanian language.

Good Governance Portal for Kosovo 31 May 20180

Good Governance Portal for Kosovo

Good governance in Kosovo has emerged as a need to bring local decision-makers closer to citizens for purposes of promoting sustainable...
RRBSHB website and business register 13 April 20180

RRBSHB website and business register

RRBSHB (alb. Rrjeti i Bizneseve Shqiptare në Beneluks) or Albanian Business Network in Benelux, is a non-profit organization based in...


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