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aPos is a POS (Point Of Sale) software program dedicated for any business or workshop that has sales and/or services with cash. This software is integrated with fiscal printer which forms a very functional “fiscal” cash register. It’s a very user friendly software that fulfills all requests for the management of a business with one or more points of sale.


Businesses which aPos can serve

• Shops (markets) 
• Boutiques,
• Pharmacies,
• Libraries,
• Workshops,
• Clinics,
• Gas/Petrol stations ,
• Jewelries, 
• Furniture stores
• Salons,
• Cosmetics,
• Sports clubs,
• Butchers,
• Agencies and,
• Any business that has article sales and/or services with cash.


Why do you need aPos?

aPos enables the automation of the following business operations:
• Management of sales and box office operations 
• Printing of receipt on fiscal or casual printer
• Generating sales reports for any time scope (daily, weekly, monthly, date to date, yearly, etc.)
• Management of articles and/or services and their categories.
• Management of article delivering 
• Management of users and privileges 
• Management of stock articles, etc.

Characteristics of aPos

Some of primary characteristics of aPos are:
• Ability to run on fiscal or casual printer
• Ability to equalize with waiters at any time
• Provides fast operations with or without barcode scanner
• Provides fast search of products/services
• Unlimited access for registration of services
• Ability to export and save reports on your computer 
• Unlimited access for registration of users with various privileges 
• Accessibility with card or code
• The possibility of deducting the item/service during the sales 
• Ability of payment by cash, card or other 
• Ability of working with the barcode reader or keyboard/mouse 
• Sales evidence (which user, which cash register, which date, etc.)

What benefits does aPos have?

Primary benefits that will directly affect the profit increase for your business: 
• Automation of managers and employers operations on the cash register
• Ability to work with a small number of employees
• Ease of staff operations 
• Elimination of need of supervision of employees 
• Increase of service speed 
• Increase of service efficiency 
• Increase of professionalism and seriousness to clients 
• Image enhancement of your restaurant or coffee shop

How does aPOS work?

You don’t need a computer with high performance to use aPos. aPos can run on any hardware with minimal or medium performances. With this application you can work with barcode reader or with a mouse and keyboard. 

Who uses aPOS?

Some of the businesses where aPOS is implemented are listed below in the table of Clients List.

How to order aPos?

The price of aPos is competitive. For more information on how to order aPos, please contact Appdec


The software runs on all licensed fiscal printers:


Project Details

  • Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Project Management
  • Integration & Migration
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Mobile Application
  • Software Product
  • Desktop Application
  • 2010
Programming Languages
  • T-SQL
  • VB.NET
Programming Technologies
  • .NET
Programming Tools
  • Visual Studio
  • Android Studio
  • MS SQL Server
Interface Language
  • English
  • Albanian
Client List
Client Pleace, City
Llapi NT Fushë Kosovë
Holland Park Store Ulpianë, Prishtinë
Cimi NT Fushë Kosovë
Migato 1 Fushë Kosovë
Migato 2 Prishtinë
Likoshani NTP Q. Treg. Drenas
Metropol Max NTP Prishtinë
Pepa NPT Prishtinë
Maxi DPT Drenas
Toni-Drini NTP Magure, Lipjan
Loriku DPT L. Spitalit, Prishtinë
Loni NTP Vranjevc, Prishtinë
Besniku Matiçan, Prishtinë
Ximi DPT Vranjevc, Prishtinë
Tafa NTP Veternik, Prishtinë
Dardanët DPT Pejë
Arbëri DPT Prishtinë
Feha NTP Torinë, Lipjan
Bibaj-AE DPT Ferizaj
Mergimi NPT Pejë
Euro Beki NTP B. Muhaxherve, Lipjan
Valon NTP Vushtrri
Bleroni DPT Milloshevë, Obiliq
Riza Com DPT Ulpianë, Prishtinë
Creativewall SHPK Viva Fresh, Çagllavicë
MARS 2 NTP Dardani, Prishtinë
Haliti-S.M. SHPK Kamenicë
7 Camicie Albi Mall, Prishtinë
Quiz Albi Mall, Prishtinë
Te Fidani DPT Magure, Lipjan


  • Intranet
  • Local PC
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