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Custom Developed eCommerce

Custom Developed eCommerce

Author: Appdec/30 April 2019/Categories: Portfolio, All, Products

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Shitja Online (Online Store) is a e-commerce web application developed with the purpose of giving store owners the availability of having and managing multiple physical stores along with an online store, and the entire system is integrated in one centralized platform.

Looking at this application from a broad perspective, it has a two-fold serving purpose; the store management usability and its online usability (E-Commerce). Let’s first narrow it down to its core and fundamental functionality, Store Management.

1. Store Management - Application description

The store management is accessible to anyone with the right corresponding login credentials. The authorized user is given a dashboard and an administrative sidebar menu. 

The dashboard of the administration panel consists of charts, statistics and tables of relevant strategic information. (ex. Monthly Orders, new Customers, Latest Orders, Bestsellers by quantity, etc.)

1.1 Catalogue

The catalogue section in the menu has a list of subsections that allow you to handle every detail regarding product creation, variant pricing, categorizing, assigning product vendors, VAT and managing number of items available in stock.

The way the sales work with this system is that, when you sell something, it’s a variant of a product. The variant has quantity, a supply and retail price, a SKU and is generalized into a Product which can have one or multiple variants.

You can also view your list of vendors and see their available list of products.

2.2. Sales

The sales section, similarly offers a list of relevant functionalities about orders that include: showing a list of orders (with different filtering criteria); managing order statuses which are needed in order to know the progress of each order (order statuses are predefined); Shipping and Payment statuses which communicate the progress of product shipping and payment; payment and shipping methods which include predefined customizable methods of paying and shipping the product; and coupons which give customers occasional discounts based on their purchasing activity.

2.3. Customers

Everything you need to do to manage your customer related data is offered right in this section. You can manage your customers individually by editing their information or deleting their record completely. There’s also an option where you can select a group for each customer. By default, each customer has the group “registered”, unless you decide to put them in a different group. The grouping of customers will help in better management of customer relationships, since you will be able to categorize your customers based on their purchasing loyalty to your company. One certain customer group, for example, will be distinguished from the others when they want to buy something, because you might choose to give them higher discount rates.

All this is customizable according to your preferences or needs.

2.4. Inventory Management

The system allows you to create, manage your entire store and inventory data. You have a divided section that shows a list of all your available stores (physical and online). You can add new stores and you can view the full list of products that each separate store has.

The system also allows internal transfers between your available stores, in order to keep your stock well managed. Suppliers and supplies information is also located in this section. A tabular view of all available suppliers is generated to you dynamically based on previous activity, or if there’s no past activity you can add your suppliers by filling up a form. Another tabular view will give you data of all the supplies you have made, and you can view the supplied products for each record.



2. e-Commerce website - Application description

On the online user’s perspective, there’s a list of things that our web application offers to each online user. They can navigate through the online homepage and see the listings of products that are offered for sale.

The user who is not registered in the system will only be able to view all the items shown, however with no possibility on engaging into further activities. The only option offered to an unregistered user is to “compare” items of their choice.

The registered users, in addition to comparing products of their choice, they can add items in a “wishlist” of their own and a shopping cart for the purchasing process.

The purchasing process goes through certain steps where users are offered multiple payment choices, a different billing and shipping address, three predefined shipment methods which are also customizable, the option to edit any misgiven information in the end and lastly a preview of their invoice.

The registered users also have access to their profile information where they can view and edit their previously given personal information when they registered. In this section, they can also take a look at the list of orders they have made, the date and time the order was made and the status of each particular order.

This web service has a dynamic functionality, a responsive and easy to use design and comes with a user manual that will help you solve any problem you might face while getting to know our web application.

Project Details

  • Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Technology Consulting
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Creative Design
  • Web Application
  • Software Product
  • 2019
Programming Languages
  • C#
  • T-SQL
Programming Technologies
  • .NET Core
Programming Tools
  • Visual Studio
  • MS SQL Server
Interface Language
  • English
  • Albanian
  • Internet

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