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aLite is a software dedicated for any restaurant and bar which supports the work with fiscal printer in Kosovo. It’s an easy and user friendly software that can be used by everyone and fulfills all requests for restaurants and bars. It is exclusively developed according to the requirements of managers and owners of restaurants and bars and it is installed in many of the best restaurants and bars in the country.


Why do you need aLite

aLite provides “automation” of restaurants’ or caffe shops’ operations. The primary features of the program are:
• Management of local environment and tables
• Management of orders and payments (sales)
• Management of articles and their categories
• Management of suppliers and supplies 
• Management of stock articles 
• Management of invoices
• Management of users and privileges
• Management of clients
• Centralized server system (one or more cashes)
• Works with one or more warehouses


Characteristics of aLite

Some of primary characteristics of aLite are:
• Ability to work on fiscal or casual printer
• Accessibility with card or code
• Ability of recording composite items (food, mixed drinks, etc.)
• Ability to generate sales reports for any time scope (daily, weekly or monthly date to date, yearly, etc)
• Ability to equalize with waiters at any time
• Ability to separate payments for every single article 
• Ability to export and save reports on your computer 
• Simulation area for new employees (for practical practice)
• Ability of automatic discount for regular customer
• Ability of quick payment (discotheques, fast food, etc.)
• Automatic notifications when the quantity of the item falls below a certain level
• Dynamic prints in different printers in number of copies as needed

What benefits does aLite have?

Primary benefits that will directly affect the profit increase of your restaurant or cafe: 
• Automation of managers and staffs work/operations
• Ability to work with a small amount of employees
• Ease-of staff tasks 
• Elimination of need of supervision of employees 
• Increase of service speed 
• Increase of service efficiency 
• Increase of professionalism and seriousness to clients 
• Image enhancement of your restaurant or café
• Ability of generating reports in fiscal, simple, advanced and graphical reports in any time period
• Ability of real-time monitoring of sales
• Fulfilling the requirements to ATK fiscalistion, etc.


How does aLite work?

You don’t need a computer with high performance to use aLite. aLite can run on any hardware with minimal or medium performances. With this application you can work using touch screen and also with mouse and keyboard. 

aLite Mobile

aLite also has a mobile version that is adapted to work on tablets that use Android operating system. It is dedicated to waiters of a bar or restaurant and further more to a customer. aLite has ability to exchange data and synchronize with aLite desktop version using wireless connections . It is separated in two main sections, one section can be used by waiter which has almost the same functions as desktop version like: making an order, looking payments, refreshing ambient and tables status, use fiscals and casual printer to print invoices from the device(tablet), automatic order printing on kitchen and bartender table. The other section of application and also one of the most advantages of aLite Mobile that can be used by customers is a digital menu intended to replace standard menu in restaurants with a new digitized technology. From digital menu customers can easily make order, view and change the current chosen articles.


Who uses aLite?

Some of the restaurants and bars where aLite is implemented are listed below in the table of Clients List.

How to order aLite? 

The price of aLite is competitive. For more information on how to order aLite, please contact Appdec. 

The software runs on all licensed fiscal printers in Kosovo.


Project Details

  • Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Project Management
  • Integration & Migration
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Mobile Application
  • Software Product
  • Desktop Application
  • 2009
Programming Languages
  • C#
  • T-SQL
  • VB.NET
Programming Technologies
  • .NET
Programming Tools
  • Visual Studio
  • Android Studio
  • MS SQL Server
Interface Language
  • English
  • Albanian
Client List
Client Pleace, City
Elzar  Pejton, Prishtinë
Kino ABC Center, Prishtinë
Rron Restaurant Veternik, Prishtinë
PURO Restaurant Veternik, Prishtinë
TIRONA taverna Center, Prishtinë
Inex Petrol Kacanik
Irish Pub (Aquila) Center, Prishtinë
Univers (ish Mocart)  Ulpiane, Prishtine
Bar Academy Ferizaj
Gresa-A Peje
Venezia Lipjan
Rosmarino Lesna Trade Center, Prishtinë
Restoran Amadeus Arberi, Prishtinë
Euro-B Alb Komoran, Drenas  
Villa Lira Germi, Prishtinë
Alfa Trade Lipjan
Piceria Ask Q.T. Bregu i Diellit
Hoteli Kalaja e Decanit Bellaj, Deçan
Coctail Gjakove
Starsun Q.T. Bregu i Diellit
Hoteli City Central Prishtinë
Bistro Bar Center, Prishtinë
Biforkacioni Ferizaj
Rogner Gjakovë
Designer's Bar Rr. Prishtinë-Ferizaj
Leo's Caffee Prishtinë
Home Caffe Pejë
Villa Pauna Gracke e vjetër, Lipjan
Pishina KALIFORNIA Gracke, Lipjan
RELAX-2 Shkugëz, Gjakovë
Sport Bar Offside Bregu i Diellit, Prishtinë
BROADWAY  Ulpiane, Prishtinë
Bar ITALIA Lipjan
Sh. Alpike RANCH Pejë
Te Valoni  Pejë
PUROBAR Qafa, Prishtinë
Piccalo Ulpiane, Prishtinë
Kroni Gjakovë
BOULEVARD Center, Prishtinë
Le Charm Center, Prishtinë
Merys Foods & Cofe Center, Prishtinë
Bodensee Ferizaj
Arti Ratkoc, Rahovec


  • Intranet
  • Local PC
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