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Virtual Office web application

Virtual Office web application

Author: Appdec/08 August 2019/Categories: Portfolio, All, Web

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Virtual Office (VO) is a concept of software application used to initiate and manage structured and unstructured business processes. VO represent integrated working environment where business processes are initiated, managed and completed.

Concept of the application is built on the premise that business processes can be treated as communications processes, where content types (html forms) are routed within organization and user interacts by providing information, making decision or completing the task.

Users of the system initiate a process form the list of processes/services available, without need to know further steps and flow for the service. System knows the context and plan for process execution and guides users through the process. Pre-defined content types (html forms) are routed through the system, and user interacts with one of three basic actions. VO logs all activities, this way generating information for process improvement.

Virtual office model is based on following premises:

  1. Every employee within organization provides service
  2. Every employee provides a finite number of services
  3. Service has predefined service plan (content and route)
  4. Service execution might be different from planned execution
  5. Service is a series of steps
  6. A step is granular information package transported across system. A step contains routing information, information payload (content) and action information

7. Employee completes a step in the service in one of three basic forms:

  1. executes a task
  2. provides information
  3. make decision.


Virtual Office represents integrated working environment for office tasks. User will be able to initiate an activity, provide input (decision, comment, content) and finalize activity. The process will be guided by the system and user has no need to know the procedures and who is involved in finalizing process.

Core elements of VO are multi-layered architecture and structured data. Multilayered architecture allows easy modification in any of the layers without need to change others. For example, an employee might change his post (role) and automatically resumes activities in the new post. All past and new activities/tasks on the new post are available instantly.

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  • 2018
  • 2019
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  • MS SQL Server
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