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Is a web application that serves for interactive and transparent communication between municipal residents and municipal officials. Through this platform residents have the opportunity to make proposals, record ideas, discussions or requests for the neighborhood or commune where they live. Also, municipal directorates register their plans and projects. Residents have the possibility of voting or commenting on the proposals of other residents as well as on the plans and projects of the municipality. The application was initially implemented for the municipality of Prishtina and Gjakova and it is accessible online from the link www.platformadigjitale.com


Some of the features, functions and modules of Digital Platform web application are:
  • Easy opportunities for residents to:
    • Access easily the platform through social accounts or by creating a new account through a private email account,
    • Add new records as ideas, discussions or requests with the description, pictures, videos or relevant documents,
    • Search and browse previous entries by residents and municipality,
    • Vote and comment on entries by residents and municipality;
  • Depending on the selected category, all residents registrations are directed to the respective municipal directorates by notifying municipal officials of new registrations;
  • Easy opportunities for directorate officials to:
    • Review resident’s entries,
    • Answer and comment on resident’s entries,
    • Add new entry as project proposal for discussion or project that will be implemented by municipality or respective directorate with description, pictures, videos or relevant documents;
  • Display in maps all entries that is made depending on selected address, so it is seen from the map which neighborhoods are the most active or where most of the municipalities are working;
  • Pre-registered are all local communes of municipality with their respective roads;
  • Auxiliary modules for:
    • Archive entries,
    • Entries waiting for review,
    • Invalid or removed entries,
    • Street search respectively local communes,
    • Help for platform use;
  • Administrative modules for adding directorates, local communes, streets, types of categories for entries, municipality officials, etc.;
  • Application generates different reports and statistics for the municipality;
  • Application is compatible and responsive in different mobile devices;
  • Application is avaliable in three languages: Albanian, English and Serbian.


Benefits from Digital Platform
  • Allows residents to share ideas for their neighborhoods (local communities), discuss and vote on plans for improving their city or country;
  • It enables municipality officials to join in discussions, to present the official opinion or regulation, and to start productive cooperation with the citizens of the municipality;
  • It is permissible for municipal institutions to review citizens' submissions, to provide answers to best ideas, and to engage residents in drafting regulations and in the execution process;
  • Increase citizen participation to work with municipal institutions;
  • Improves the transparency of local government by increasing the communication of residents with local government in municipalities.

The project is funded by the OSCE in Kosovo. 

Project Details

  • Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Software Training
  • Technology Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Web Application
  • Web Portal
  • 2016
Programming Languages
  • C#
  • T-SQL
Programming Technologies
  • MVC 5
Programming Tools
  • Visual Studio
  • MS SQL Server
Interface Language
  • English
  • Albanian
  • Serbian
Client Name
  • OSCE
  • Municipality of Prishtina
  • Municipality of Gjakova
Place, CityPrishtina, Gjakova
  • Internet

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